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TMS Outdoor School

TMS Outdoor School
Melissa Zanotto

Why outdoor school?

• Connections

• Teamwork

• Outdoor recreation

• Nature awareness and appreciation • Risk-taking


When and where does ODS take place?

• ODS takes place at Grove Christian Camp in Cottage Grove

• ODS is scheduled for the first full week of June

• Students attend ODS in two groups

• Each group attends for 3 days and 2 nights

• Your student's camp session is based upon their LA/SS block teacher


Why parent volunteers?

• You are also an expert

• Your kids will love it

• Connections with TMS community

• Positive role models

• We can’t run ODS without you!


Schedule - 1st day

• 3 days each session

• First morning, we meet at 8am in TMS gym

• Cabin group assignments

• Take bus, and arrive at camp!

• Eat sack lunch at camp (will be provided)

• 3 Lesson activities

• Dinner

• Nighttime activity/campfire


Schedule - 2nd day

• 4 Outdoor lessons

• Recreation time

• Cabin time

• Nighttime activities


Schedule - 3rd day

• Clean-up

• Team Building stations

• Closing ceremony

• Leave after lunch

• Arrive TMS around 1:30



• If your student has an allergy, please let us know, so the camp can plan for that!

• Kids will get an opportunity to help clean up


What to pack

• Outdoor clothing

• Closed-toe shoes

• Sleeping bag and pillow

• Layers for rain or shine activities

• Water bottle

• Flashlight

• Bug repellent

• PENCIL! And a back up!

• Disposable or personal camera

• Card games and books

**We will send home a complete packing list


3 S’s: What NOT to bring


•sharp objects



Medication and health

• Prescriptions and non-prescription medicines (all types of medication) will go through Student Services prior to ODS



• Same rules, expectations and consequences as we have at school

• Behavior will be monitored at outdoor school

• Behavior prior to outdoor school could affect whether students may attend

• Students may be sent home if poor behavior choices continue at ODS.


If you are still interested in volunteering/ chaperoning, please contact your student's LA/SS teacher.